Outdoor & indoor advertising

The company "Kinodoctor" outside the core business areas related to the provision of comprehensive services for the movie production and the Event-industry, is actively developing advertising outdoor & indoor area, offering customers and advertising agencies new opportunities for interaction with the target audience of buyers.


The concept of «indoor-advertising" is widely used in Russia and some European countries as a generic term to describe a segment of the advertising market indoors. Indoor-advertising areas often represented by audio, visual, audiovisual, as well as static images of different formats.


Under the «outdoor-advertising" is commonly understood as outdoor advertising, which is available on special temporary or fixed structures, located in the countryside, as well as on the exterior surfaces of buildings, street furniture elements, above roads, or directly on the roads themselves. A variety of outdoor-advertising is transit advertising (or advertising on vehicles) and self-propelled advertising placed on the sides of cars and commercial vehicles.

The company "Kinodoctor" offers advertisers a new and efficient promotional tool - full or partial branding trailer surfaces. Branded trailer makes mobile advertising message and particularly noticeable on the roads of the city.

In autumn 2013 on the Moscow roads could be seen advertising a non-standard self-propelled «KLITSCHKO VS POVETKIN» on board trailers "Kinodoctor", dedicated to the boxing match between the heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko and Alexander Povetkin.
In 2014 was also implemented several innovative projects dedicated Boxing fights "DROZD VS QUANNA", "LEBEDEV VS JONES", "POVETKIN VS CHARR", "DROZD VS WLODARCZYK", "LEBEDEV VS KOLODZIEJ", "POVETKIN VS TAKAM" and some other were realized.

As in 2014, the company WARNER BROTHERS has chosen autocomplex Kinodoctor for the implementation of a promotional project of a film Director Dag of Limona "EDGE of TOMORROW", just before the release of the project in Russia.

Interest to this format is shown also by the international communication agencies. So together with the VIZEUM agency entering into communication group Dentsu Aegis Network and POSTERSCOPE RUSSIA agency the projects for the Korean tire concern NEXEN TIRE and sports brand REEBOK were realized.

For a limited club advertisers, "Kinodoctor" ready to propose the deployment of video content and advertising products, including sampling, in trailers. Get detailed information in this area and make a presentation visit the manager of the company "Kinodoctor".