Film and photo production



was released in Russia in 2012,
80 domestic films



issued by Russian
gaming movies and
506 video films in 2011


television projects

were shot in 2012 by Russian producers of TV series, with more than
3800 episodes

Filmmaking - a complex, multi-step and time-consuming process, which participants are not only the writers, actors, cameramen and directors and producers.

The process of film production can be divided into three main stages:

  • Pre production (training period)
  • Production (shooting period)
  • Post production.

Typically, the shooting period includes the full-scale (exterior) shooting. At the time of filming on location on the set, for the actors and makeup-wardrobe groups involved (served) specialized mobile autocomplexes that and play the role of makeup and wardrobe space, recreation and training actors. Specialized autocomplexes also used for shooting in the pavilion, supplementing or replacing, in the absence thereof, dressing room, costume room.

Prominent representatives of mobile dressing rooms are specialized trailers «Kinodoctor». «Kinodoctor» - is differentiated by their function, acting, make-up, wardrobe and makeup and wardrobe trailers.

Each trailer «Kinodoctor» - a unique design development, designed and developed to meet the most demanding requirements of end (consumers) customers (market participants).

For work

Interior mobile trailers "Kinodoctor" professional make-up rooms equipped places with cold and warm light, sinks for washing hair and comfortable seating, no less comfortable and functional spaces for working with multi-level costume hangers, ironing surfaces, washing machines and dryers, ironing equipment.

For the rest

For work and leisure trailer is equipped with comfortable seating and a functional closets, safes, plasma TV and DVD player. Comfort stay complement CBX oven, cooler with hot and cold potable water, climate control, constant ventilation air. For the convenience of the crew in the Automobile "Kinodoctor" installed vending machines, and mobile terminal receiving payments. The lounge provides wireless Internet Wi-Fi.

Trailers "Kinodoctor" are widely accepted in the Russian film industry, due to its unique features, professional management and first-class service. The company's portfolio of more than 7,000 film projects implemented with the participation of the actors of the first magnitude, both domestic and international format. A duration spent on the set time has long exceeded 1.5 million shifts. Logo "Kinodoctor" flaunts (found) in the credits of nearly all domestic grossing films, collecting hundreds of thousands of viewers across Russia and the CIS countries.

In addition to hundreds of movie companies, TV channels and movie studios, the company's services "Kinodoctor" for photo shoots and enjoy the world's biggest glossy magazines that are present in Russia: VOGUE, HARPERS, BAZAAR, COSMOPOLITAN, GLAMOUR.