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Ula Lee,  author and performer of his songs
19.06.2015 Bus - you're cool! Excellent conditions. Thank you!
Make-up artist,  "Aviator Production"
08.06.2015 Thank you for the excellent conditions! Very comfortable complex!
Anton Makarskii,  Russian film and theater actor, singer
27.05.2015 And again, "Kinodoctor"! Glad to meet and new projects! As soon as I see you, immediately raises the mood! Prosperity and peace!
Elena Lakkay,  "ARS-Communications"
07.05.2015 Company Kinodoсtor, thank you for a wonderful tour !!! I hope that no more time will go with you on a trip !!! And our tours are all bigger and better!
Vladimir Yunev,  expert on strategic technology Microsoft
07.05.2015 Thank you very much! For stunning trailer! In the driver's magnificent! For elegant travel!
Chernenko Varvara,  account manager ARS-Communications
07.05.2015 Many thanks to the company "Kinodoсtor" for your work, flexibility, partnership and professionalism !!! Thanks for the help in every way! With you, we did not know the obstacles and not afraid of anything :)
Oksana Akinshina,  russian actress
07.05.2015 Thanks!
Leading,  "Channel 360 suburbs"
30.04.2015 Very cool, very cool. We're so glad you're with us dear Doctor! Come to us always, we welcome you. You're like a sweet home :)