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Boney M,  German disco group
14.03.2011 WOW! Thank you!
Patricia Kaas,  French singer and actress
14.03.2011 Merci...
Irina Bezrukov,  film and stage actress
13.03.2011 Thank you very much! There have been in Prague:) and in America:) Houses - better! Service - excellent!
Irina Brazgovka,  actress
11.03.2011 I do not know why, but I like it here and all ... That sort of thing ... Warm, cozy, no shouting, no swearing, all friendly ... Thank you!
Sergei Baryshev,  stage and film actor
10.03.2011 Thank you for your comfort!
Christina Orbakajte,  pop singer, actress
10.03.2011 Wonderful grimvagen! There would be plenty! Heat, light, nice and cozy! So can making movies forever! Tenderly ...
Happy DVJs
08.03.2011 Very cool! Thank you very much!
Gosha Kutsenko,  a Russian theater and movie actor, singer
03.03.2011 On this World Day 3 March 2011. You warmed me after two takes a swim in the hole in Strogino Kinodoktor oh my! Bye! Until the new!