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The team make-up artists and dressers m / f "Matchmakers-5"
29.04.2011 Thanks for cleanliness, comfort, attention! Beautiful grimvagen! Wonderful staff! Finally, wait! Special thanks to the actors of the project.
Michael Zhvanetsky,  the Russian writer-satirist and the executor of own products
21.04.2011 Remarkable construction! At last! I am an actor both all conveniences and all honors to me!
Participants "Amy Pieterce Group"
21.04.2011 Were on a visit at "Kinodoctor". All very much was pleasant! Yours faithfully and gratitude...
Sergei Bezrukov
30.03.2011 Good luck and happiness! All the best!
Julia Subbotina,  costume advertising project Citibank
23.03.2011 Our friendly team really likes to work in your grimvagenah. Everyone always loved it! Everything is super!
Karim Pakachakov,  actor
15.03.2011 Company "Kinodoktor" great, thank you so much! I wish you great success in the film industry. Thanks to you, the Russian cinema will be on top! With respect ...
Todd Tucker,  makeup artist, president and creative director of Studio Illusion Industries Inc., Hollywood
15.03.2011 Thank you so much for the use of the Trailer. It was set up very nicely and very appreciated.
Liapis Trubetskoy,  Belarusian punk rock band
14.03.2011 "Kinodoktoru" of anarcho-syndicate "Liapis Trubetskoy." Roma Diaspora of our team in awe of your ultra-tent! We would camp in a ... Greetings from the Republic of Belarus. Thank you!