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Arabesque,  German pop group
29.06.2012 Best wishes. Love
Organizers of the annual exhibition Faces&Laces project
24.06.2012 Thanks a lot! You one of few companies which supports and offers the European level of services. You an example for many companies which specialize in area of services. Thanks for high professionalism!
Eve Polna
14.06.2012 Friends! Dear comrades and misters good! Blagodarstvuyte that relieved us of domestic artistic inconveniences!
Mitya Fomin,  Russian singer, dancer and producer
14.06.2012 One in the field - not the soldier! The airfield Chkalovsky for some time came to be to us a haven. If not "Kinodoktor" - died and didn't finish up to the end! Thanks, to new meetings!
Yury Antonov,  composer, actor, crooner and poet, National actor of Russia
12.06.2012 Remarkable artistic carriage! Thank you very much.
Valeria,  the singer, the Deserved actress of Russia
12.06.2012 Thanks for a cozy mobile house.
Timur Rodrigez,  showman, singer, TV and radio host
12.06.2012 If that, I know now where to live!
The Rasmus,  Finnish rock group
10.06.2012 Smell, space, acoustics, drinks are good! Almost fantastic!