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Alex Hepburn,  British singer and composer
30.07.2014 Amazing trailer:)
Paper man,  Russian show
30.07.2014 Great trailer!
T-Killah,  Russian rap, R'n'B singer
30.07.2014 Thanks for the COOL TRAILER
5sta Family,  Russian R'n'B-band
30.07.2014 Thank you very much! Very cozy and cool as always! Good luck and stay positive <3
Yuliya Parshuta,  Russian singer, actress
30.07.2014 Cosy, feels like home=) Want the one like this for my shootings!
Swanky Tunes,  Dj
30.07.2014 Super trailer!
Matt Kvon,  Australian singer
30.07.2014 Thanks for keeping us safe, we loved it. You are the guards who opened the gate to dressing room trailers like a boss!! Yowww!
Brigada U,  Hosts on the radio station "Europe Plus"
29.07.2014 Guys! We never! You hear that? Ne-Ver had such a cool dressing room!!! Thank you very much!!!