Director: Alexey Sidorov

Production: "Mars Media", "AMEDIA Production"

The company "Kinodoсtor" provided car complexes for the actors: Alexander Petrov, Viktor Dobronravov, Irina Staryshenbaum, Vincentz Kiefer, Petr Skvortsov, Semen Treskunov, Artem Bystrov, Michael Dzhanibekyan, Anton Bogdanov, Sofya Sinitsyna and others.

Description: The Great Patriotic War, 1941. In the battles at the Volokolamsky frontier, Junior Lieutenant Ivushkin on his tank destroys the tank company of the Hauptmann Klaus Jager and finds himself in German captivity. Three years later, the Soviet tankman, despite the displeasure of his comrades and the camp underground, suddenly agrees to lead a group of prisoners of war who are destined to become "cannon fodder" on captured T-34s. However, Ivushkin uses the teachings for a daring and carefully planned escape. Thanks to the heroism of the comrades and the confusion of the Germans, Soviet tankmen are at large. Ahead is a provincial and German-backed country not far from war, 350 kilometers to the border with the Czech Republic, and a dozen "Panthers", led by one of the best tankmen of the Reich Klaus Jager, are on the tail of the Soviet crew.
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