Makeup and wardrobe combo trailer MC 1002


Makeup and wardrobe combo trailer is meant for outdoor shooting and shooting in areas where professionally equipped rooms are not provided. It combines two special vehicles: a makeup trailer and a costume trailer.

The trailer is furnished in such a way, that it can be used not only for movie, music video and commercial production, but also for arranging concerts and company parties with any number of participants. Having such a vehicle in a rider would help an actor avoid many unpleasant situations caused by the absence of well-equipped makeup rooms while shooting outdoor. The makeup and wardrobe combo trailer on a film or concert set would highlight the high level of the event and professionalism of its managers. Makeup and wardrobe compartments of the trailer can be either connected or isolated by means of sliding doors. Professionally equipped makeup stations, costumer work desk, a separate fitting room save a lot of time while shooting, enabling to prepare a large number of actors for crowd scenes within a shorter period of time.

Vehicle operation features allow warming it up before arriving to a shooting area, which is really helpful in winter, when waiting for a connection to an external power source may become exhausting.

The lavatory compartment has a separate entrance for the convenience of a film crew or cast. The toilet has an external discharge system, which excludes bad smell and ensures cleanness of the compartment.

The driver of the trailer wearing a special uniform always responds to customers’ wishes.

The advantages of “Kinodoctor”’s vehicles are conditioned by a professional approach to trailer production with regard to suggestions given by movie industry professionals.

The trailer is divided into three compartments: makeup, wardrobe and lavatory.

Makeup compartment equipped with:

  • Three professionally equipped makeup stations
  • Hairdresser sink
  • Air-conditioning
  • Constant ventilation system
  • Safe for valuables
  • Water purifier (cold / hot drinking water)
  • Refrigerator, microwave oven
  • Music Player
  • DVD-player, plasma TV
  • Comfortable sofa to rest on

Wardrobe compartmen equipped with:

  • Multi-layer wardrobe racks
  • Professional ironing equipment
  • Costumer work desk
  • Fitting room with full-length mirrors
  • Air-conditioning
  • Constant ventilation system
  • Music Player
  • DVD-player, plasma TV
  • Comfortable sofa
  • Separate entrance and entrance from the makeup compartment

Lavatory compartment equipped with:

  • Cold/hot water
  • Modern toilet
  • Hand drier
  • Programmable air freshener
  • Supply and exhaust air ventilation system
  • Air-conditioning
  • Separate entrance