StarTrailer S 1006


Wardrobe trailer is meant for filming large-scale movie scenes or organizing public events. Renting this trailer will save shooting time and provide all the necessary conditions for the preparation process.

The trailer is consists of two parts: wardrobe room and a lavatory compartment.

The wardrobe room is equipped with multi-layer wardrobe racks for suits, the full-length mirror and a sliding curtain separating the work area from the fitting room. The compartment contains all the conditions not only for work but also for recreation. The compartment has a safe where actors can keep their valuables while working on the movie set.

The working area has household appliances and well-arranged furniture, which enables costumers to prepare all the necessary costumes within a short period of time. The lavatory compartment has a separate entrance and an external discharge system, which excludes bad smell and ensures cleanness of the compartment.

Vehicle operation features allow warming it up before arriving to a shooting area, which is really helpful in winter, when waiting for a connection to an external power source may become exhausting.

The driver of the trailer wearing a special uniform always responds to customers’ wishes.

The trailer is equipped with:

  • Payment terminal
  • Vending machines for selling snacks
  • Radio communication with the driver

The trailer is divided into two compartments: Wardrobe and lavatory.

The whole costumers’ compartment equipped with:

  • Multi-layer wardrobe racks more than 17 m
  • Ironing equipment
  • Washing and drying machines with a load of linen more than 7 kg
  • Costumer work desk
  • Fitting room with full-length mirrors
  • Safe for valuables
  • Air-conditioning
  • Ventilation system
  • Music Player , microwave oven
  • DVD-player, plasma TV
  • Separate entrance

Lavatory compartment equipped with:

  • Cold/hot water
  • Modern toilet
  • Hand drier
  • Programmable air freshener
  • Supply and exhaust air ventilation system
  • Air-conditioning