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Began preparations for the shooting of the film "The Thirtieth Love" directed by Angelina Nikonova ("Twilight Portrait"). The project is an adaptation of the novel by Vladimir Sorokin's "Thirtieth love Marina" and talk about the music teacher, who never in his life been in love, even though she was twenty-nine novels. The main role in the film will perform Olga Dykhovichnaya ("2 days", "Wellcome Hom"), and was produced by Julia Mishkinene ("Intimate place", "Hunter")
Producing Center "RSIC-Debut" proceeded to the final stage of the filming of "Defile", formerly known under the working title "Time of bells." Production takes place on the basis of "Mosfilm". In the center of the plot - a Moscow professor of medicine, which goes to his home in the village, taking with him his granddaughter and her friend. Students also completely change the traditional way of the villagers. Director and screenwriter speak graduate painting studio Karen Shakhnazarov Vitaly Suslin. Starring People's Artist of Russia Ernst Romanov ("Cry of the Owl," "Lethal force") and aspiring actress Maria and Anna Karpova Makhlina.
Gelendzhik started shooting the series "Snoop" directed by Dmitry Brusnikina ("most beautiful", "Law & Order"). He is an adaptation of the eponymous series, coming out on the American television channel TNT fr om 2005 to 2012. In the story the main character, Police Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Kushnir, transferred to a small seaside town, wh ere it is necessary to gain the trust of new colleagues. Role in the series will perform Anna Banshchikova ("Thirst", "Escape"), Andrei Kazakov ("Walk", "Margot"), Dmitry Kulichkov ("Major", "Salvage"), Vladislav Pavlov ("Lost Empire", "The Sword "), and others. Engaged in the production of the film company Star Media
In Sevastopol, began shooting the series with the working title "Good Sasha, Sasha, and the Ugly" directed by Michislava Yuzovsky ("grouse. Return", "Piatnitski"). In the story, from Moscow to the Crimea comes Major to help local detectives. He has a well-developed deduction and he is a master solve puzzles. The series will be a single storyline, but apart from that every episode will be presented to a separate investigation. Actors: Vladimir Yaglych ("We're from the future", "Ticket to Vegas», Roman Madyanov ("12", "High Security Vacation"), Leonid Kulagin ("Kulagin and partners," "Battle for Moscow"), Julia Galkina ("Alexander. battle of the Neva", "Taming of the Shrew") and others.
Production company "Telesto" started filming the movie "box." Director of the film stands the former sportsman Edward Bordukov. In the center of the plot - the conflict between the Russian and Caucasian teenagers compete for the right to play in the sports box located in one of Moscow households. Resolve the conflict should the three-day tournament. Produced by - Helen Glickman ("Peter FM", "Plus One"). In picture play Sergei Romanovich ("Kitchen", "Sklifosofsky"), Sergey Podolny ("Fast" Moscow-Russia "") and others. In the role of the coach of the local junior team will perform a famous football player Dmitri Sychev.
Companies Startfilm Group and "Russian Film Group" started to prepare for the shooting of the project "The teacher," directed by Alexei Petrukhina. Previously, he served as a producer on the film "Viy". The picture will tell stories about the teacher who decided to take hostage the whole class. The main roles are played by Olga Lapshin ("Everybody Dies But Me," "Elena"), Anna Churina ("Wii", "Boomer: Part Two"), Mikhail Mukhin ("6 shots", "criminals") and Olga Egorova ("Love in a Russian language"). Output pattern assigned for 2015.
Preparations have begun for the shooting of the picture "Stealing Olga" by Anna Fenchenko ("lodger"). The screenplay was written by Natalia Repina ("Missing"). The film's protagonist, a journalist Denis, trying to figure out if there was a Soviet intelligence officer silent film actress Olga Chekhov, who moved to Germany in the early 20s. Role Chekhova will perform the role of Francis Petrie ("Treason" and "Heart - a dark forest"). Producers are the paintings Vladimir Hotinenko, Michael and Olga Masterovoy Lesnova.
      In Minsk, began filming the movie "In the constellation of Sagittarius," directed by a former director of the Brest Drama Theater Roman Gapanyuk. Ilya wrote the script of the series Tsofin ("Christmas Tree 1914"). The basis of the plot is based on the biography of the famous football player and Olympic champion Eduard Streltsov. Consultant paintings made ​​by his son - Edward Sagittarius. Also a lot of useful information, including cups, rare photographs and measurements of the form, provided fan club "Torpedo". Major role in the series to play a graduate of the Moscow Art Theater School Dmitry Vlaskin ("Fizruk"). Also in the cast included Alexander Bogdanov, Anna Mykhailivs'ka Valery Barinov, Alex Nikulnikov and others. Filming will continue until November 30.
Production company "Profit" started filming the television series "The Young Guard". The director of the project is the Leonid Plyaskin ("Hounds 4", "Just Jackson"), and producer - Igor Tolstunov ("Metro", "School"). According to the authors, the series will not be a screen adaptation of a work by Alexander Fadeev: its plot is based on historical evidence and documents, and provide a new perspective on the events related to the activities of the underground anti-fascist organization "Young Guard". In the series involved Nikita Tesino ("Match", "Life and Fate"), Catherine Spitz ("Metro", "Poddubnyi"), Yuri Chursin ("Playing the Victim", "Escape"), and others.
In Poland, began shooting the project "Meeting on the Elbe" Worlds Todorovski, the widow of the famous film director Peter Todorovski ("Intergirl", "Wartime Romance"). The film was withdrawn on the script of her husband, who also became a prototype of the hero. Picture tell a meeting of Russian Americans on the banks of the Elbe River May 8, 1945. One of the main roles in the film will play Irina Pegova ("Admiral", "Walk"). The project is created without government support. Output of the project is scheduled for 2015.
Company PTS started filming the movie "Seven days a week." The picture will be full-length debut directors Elias and Anton Chizhikovyx and screenwriter Vladimir Serysheva. The film's protagonist - twenty-five provincial Kohl, who arrived in Moscow to his uncle. He needed as soon as possible to repay the debt left over from the last place of work, so Kohl agrees with the uncle to arrange it as a night watchman at the cemetery. However, in his very first shift starting to happen there mysterious events. The film stars Alexander Pahl ("Bitter", "all at once"), Igor Zhizhikin ("Wii", "8 First Dates"), Vladimir Sychev ("Fizruk", "Mama"), Alexander Ilyin ("Metro" , "Kitchen") and others. Producer of the project - Sergey Selyanov. Filming will continue until the end of September.
Anna Melikyan ("Mermaid"), who got the prize for the best directory on the festival "Kinotavr", just started shooting the almanac "About love". The movie will be a continuation of the ideas represented in the series of her short films. Couple novels about the strange love will be united by a lecture of Renata Litvinova. In the movie will take part Evgeniy Tsiganov, Alexandr Yatsenko, Yuriy Kolokolnikov, Ravshana Kurkova and others. The premier is scheduled on the year 2015.
Shooting of the project "Barman" by director Dina Shturmanova ("Interns") has began. The script is written by Denis Kaymakov ("Neighbors", "Soldiers"), and the producers are Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitriy Rudovskiy and Timur Vaynshteyn. The main character is a typical office worker, once he enters an empty bar where a mysterious barman offers him a magical drink which changes his life. Starring: Vitaliy Gogunskiy ("University", "SashaTanya"), Julia Parshuta ("Beautifuls", "Let's go, guys"), Ivan Okhlobystin ("Nightingale the Robber", "Interns"). The premier is supposed to be in 2015.
August 27, Russian filmmakers celebrate their professional holiday - Day of Russian Cinema. On this day in 1919, was adopted by the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR on the nationalization cinema in Soviet Russia. Since that time, all private cinemas, studios, rental office, as well as all photographic and cinematographic trade and industry came under the jurisdiction of the People's Commissariat of Education. However, the very Russian cinema existed and was loved by the audience long before the decree. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on October 1, 1980 "On holidays and memorial days" on 27 August received the official status and became known as the Day of the Soviet time movie .While Cinema Day was not celebrated in Russia. In 2001, in the service of the Ministry of Culture Cinematography Day of Russian Cinema decided resume.Today there are about 40 domestic film studios, which produces about 100 films a year. On this day we wish the venerable filmmakers and budding talents to achieve maximum heights in their profession, praising the film industry of the country and to give joy and satisfaction of its demand and the contribution that each of them brings to the development of Russian cinema..
      Group Yellow, Black and White in conjunction with the "Central Partnership" started shooting the teen comedy "Bet on Love" directed by Artyom Mikhalkov. Production company "Heaven" is engaged in the project. In the center of the plot - two friends, Kostya and David, who have opposite characters. The first - the irrepressible adventurer, and the second - a decent young romantic man. Once life circumstances force them to change places: David will have to play in the world championship of poker, and Kostya - to save a friend's wedding. The cast of the film includes Andrei Burcovschi ("Kitchen", "Give young people!"), Catherine Spitz ("Metro", "Real boys"), Hovhannes Azoyan ("The Knight"), Alexander Revva ("The Stand", "Easy Speak of the devil ") and others. Filming will take place in Russia and the United States.
     Production company "Eralash" started shooting the film "Between the music or Tantric Symphony" by Boris Grachevsky. Movie will tell about the world-famous author and performer of symphonic music, who spends most of the time in his country house, where he can work and not be distracted by the outside world. Ex-wife and adult son are virtually absent in his life. Everything changes when the main character meets his daughter housekeeper. Starring - Andrey Ilyin ("Cook", "Lavrov Method") and stage actress Janina Melehova. Also in the picture will play Emmanuel Vitorgan ("Magicians", "Radio Day"), Tatyana Kravchenko ("Vassa", "Matchmakers"), Natalia Lesnikovskaya ("Voronins", "Point") and others. Filming will take place in Moscow and the Moscow region, and the release is scheduled for the beginning of 2015.
         Started shooting the film "Dragons", which is produced by Timur Bekmambetov. Staging a melodrama about the forbidden love between a young dragon-man and a kidnapped princess is Indar Dzhendubaev. The movie will become the most expensive work of the Russian company project Bazelevs. The plot is based on the novel by Sergey and Marina Dyachenko. Main role is performed by Matvey Lykov, for which shooting in this tape will a debut in cinema. The role of his beloved will play Maria Poezzhaeva. The release of  "Dragons"  Russia is scheduled for October 2015.
     Shootings of a 12-episode TV movie "The Cult" have begun, which is engaged in the production of the film company Star Media. In the story, a group of young Russians became novices sect "Momentum", based in a small Latin American country vendors. Relatives of the children, trying to protect their children from danger, help them to hire a professional military, but soon it becomes clear that it has its own interests in the vendor. The director of the project will be Oleg Fesenko ("Streetracers") and starring in it are Dmitry Marjanov ("Game of truth"), Tatiana Arntgolts ("Champions"). The premiere of the show will take place on the channel "Russia 1".
      The company "Glavkino" of Fеdor Bondarchuk and Ilya Bachurina begun preparations for filming the comedy "My boyfriend - a robot." It will tell about the relationship between the girl and the robot that was written off due to an error in production. Director and screenwriter will be Jora Kryzhovnikov ("Kiss!"), And starring are Maxim Matveev ("Dudes", "Demons"), Julia Alexandrova ("Kiss," "Everybody Dies But Me"), Andrew Merzlikin ("Brest Fortress," Inhabited Island ") and Alexander Pahl (" Kiss! "," All at once "). The production budget is estimated at 57,900,000 rubles.
     In the beginning of August 2014 the company "MetronomFilm" finished shooting adventure film "Treasure". The movie is directed by Irina Volkova, producer is Arsen Gottlieb. Filming "Тreasure" was held in Vyborg and St. Petersburg. The motion picture belongs to a rare modern Russian film genre family movie. Roles Gosha and Katie, the main characters, are played byyoung actors Euphrosinia Kushnir and Ruslan Shchedrin.