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At the end of January 2011 at the start of the first HFS series about what happens when a news studio camera is turned off.
In December multiseries started shooting the film "Heart of Mary.
The book became a bestseller, has attracted the attention of local filmmakers.
NTV is preparing a festive premiere of "New Again" with the stars of the show "Capercaillie".
Finished shooting large-format feature film "House on the sidelines, "which became the work of masters of national cinema - directed by Anton Sivers, the operator of Yuri Shaygardanova and artist Natalia Kochergina.
From December 20 to January 13 in Vancouver, will begin shooting a fantastic movie with a budget of $ 5 million in "Apollo 18»(Apollo 18), produced by made by Timur Bekmambetov and Michelle Volkoff.
In Crimea, finished shooting the movie "House, " in which the screen will meet again the wonderful actor Bogdan Stupka and Sergei Garmash.
The first comedy, just gave the name of the series were released in 2008 and brought to the creators already 30 and a half million dollars.
Got the first footage for the film "The Spy, " the film adaptation of bestselling book by Boris Akunin "spy novel.
Valery Meladze starred in the New Year's feature film "Santa Claus always rings thrice.
Roman Trachtenberg as Sasha Blo and Vladimir Yepifantsev as Vavilov Tatar filming episodes Victor Ginzburg, Generation "P".
This was stated by the actor in an interview.
In a New Year musical channel "Russia-1, which will be shown in the New Year's Eve December 31, 2010 January 1, 2011, Nicholas will be a lot of Basque test: he must give serious attention to sports, to overcome their own self-love, Sue, and even hire the services of psychics.
The network has its first video for the movie "The Spy," the film adaptation of bestselling book by Boris Akunin "spy novel.
In Yoshkar-Ola, director of "Ovsyanok Alexei Fedorchenko looking for future heroes of his new film, which tells about the life of meadow Mari.
Since December 13 on STS channel will be aired new series of sitcom "Voronin".
Directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk spoke with Christoph Waltz and offered him a role in his large-scale project "Stalingrad".
In December, began shooting a new season of "interns.
Shootings two-part melodrama, Andrei Selivanov "White Dress" - a variation of eternal love story of Cinderella and Prince.
Started shooting a full length feature film with the working title "Complex usefulness.