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Timur Bekmambetov made a list of actors who have the greatest chance to play U.
Soon, the book writer of the Permian Alexey Ivanov will be filmed.
Twice winner of the Venice Film Festival director Andrey Zvyagintsev finishes shooting new movie.
Sequel latest film by Timur Bekmambetov, "Christmas Tree" to be! Reported by the creators of original paintings immediately after its premiere.
In 2011 in rentals will come just two comedy Saric Andreasian - "Office Romance.
The film "Master and Margarita" by Yuri Kara released in cinemas in Russia 17 years after its creation.
The production is a television series and film version of the project "Dubrovsky", directed by Cyril Mikhanovskiy.
Circus scout 07.01.2011
Finalized the mini-series "Operation" Gorgon "by Alexey Kravchenko starring selfless scout.
Director Roman Karimov at this time, removes the black action-comedy in the style of Quentin Tarantino or Guy Ritchie.
Nearing the end of filming 12-lyrical comedy series "A little out of it.
December 7 started shooting the detective, "The Accidental Witness.
Ending production of the film under the working title "We are one family, directed by Renata Davletyarova.
Paved with good intentions The road to hell.
We congratulate you on the holidays of New Year and Christmas! Take over us sincere congratulations and the best wishes in New 2011 year! We wish successes and prosperity, reliable partners and correct decisions! Let every day New Year in your collective will be interesting and meaningful for you.
On Christmas night NTV show premiered poignant melodrama "My sin.
In Tver, completed filming the mystical 12-detective series "Rook" based on the French 6-television movie series "Greek" (Screenplay - Philip Setbo).
Commissioned by CTC began filming the mystical drama of "boarding".
His first film studio "Chechenfilm" decided in conjunction with the 150 th anniversary of the Russian classics by Anton Chekhov.
One of the most prominent Russian actress Lisa Boyars has long wanted to work with well-known Western producers.