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Producer Vladimir Durham working on a project tentatively titled "1961.
Timur Bekmambetov got a script by Michael Mitnick's "The War of the current» (The Current War) from the "Black List" for 2011.
Creative association "Gasometer" headed by the famous rapper Busta is working on a full-length feature film with the working title "Gasometer.
Producer Helen Zhigaeva ("Kill the Night") is working on the project "Avos" - almanac of 7 short films dedicated to the unpredictability and paradox of Russian people, who are accustomed to rely on chance.
Directed by Vyacheslav Lagunov ("Pied Piper") has started work on the film with the working title "Sleep" on the script written on the novel "Chapayev and emptiness," as well as an early story by Pelevin, "Sleep.
The film's director pointed out that despite the fact that the plot from beginning to end writer coined, many episodes of the film literally "sketched" with life - and this contributed to the past experience of the authors who have already filmed the traffic police on request.
Philanthropist and social activist Sergei Pirozhnikov, collaborating in the solution of pressing social issues with the City of St.
The film company "Marins Group Entertainment" will remove the film "Soldier", will be directed by George Gavrilov ("Game").
Enjoy Movies Production Company is preparing to launch a comedy "double" with a budget of 60 million rubles.
Alexei Uchitel will be produced, and, perhaps, and directed the film "Matilda Kshesinskaya.
Produced Arsen Gottlieb ("nine seven seven", "Moscow") began working on the film, "Hey! (Colored pause)" on the scenario of Julia White and Paul Hellmann ("The Man from Nowhere").
Russian Wilfred 25.04.2012
Russian manufacturer of TV production Star Media bought the Australians Renegade Films license to produce its own version of the popular series 'Wilfred', what about a shy young man and dog terribly obscene.
Directed by Vitaly Pavlov ("Family Dinner") began work on the series "Maria-in-law" on the script written by him in collaboration with Larissa Leonenko ("School Closed") and Anna Anosova ("sleeping area").
It seems, seascapes, after "Lights brothel" firmly established in the filmography Oksana Fandera, because of the new picture with the actress, "The Valley of Roses" is also happening in a small village on the coast.
Directed by Victor Tikhomirov, an artist from the union, "Mitka" working on a film on his own script, "Chapayev-Chapayev.
Continuing the musical film directed by Karen Shakhnazarov "We're from Jazz" (1983) will remove the Ukrainian jazzman Alexander Fokin.
The young director Vitaly Minorsky began work on a social drama with the working title "Mission.
Until that time, the film company Central Partnership has always attracted to the production of their project contractors, who organized the filming process, entered into contracts with the performers (except for the director, leading actor, screenwriter and composer).
Valday Films Production Company started work on a full-length feature film "Last Summer" by Oleg Malovichko scenario ("vice").
Produced by Efim Lubinsky ("Capercaillie") began work on the series "Wake up together?" Commissioned by NTV.