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Produced by Efim Lubinsky ("Capercaillie") began work on the series "Wake up together?" Commissioned by NTV.
Kazakh director Alexei Panteleyev ("Grim", "The splitting of the soul") is working on a science fiction movie "The territory of Jah", which is attended by Dmitry Nagiyev ("Kilometer Zero") and Sergei Belogolovtsev ("Duhless.
Dima Bilan will play in the modern version of the cult Soviet comedy "Gentlemen of Fortune.
Alexander Rodnyansky become producer of the film "Sin City: A woman that is worth killing for," which begins its work on Robert Rodriguez.
Star Media Company bought the rights to adapt the drama "Detective Mom» (Los Misterios de Laura) from the Spanish company Boomerang TV.
Alex Herman finished post-production film "History arkanarskoy Massacre," on which work started in 1999.
Kazakh director Alexei Panteleyev ("Grimm") is working on the film "The territory of Jah", where one of the roles played Dmitry Nagiyev ("Kilometer Zero").
Production Centre "Marifilmas" preparing to launch a social-psychological drama "Exit" on the script the actor Andrew Nazimova ("Black Lightning").
Reproduction Films Production Company in conjunction with the channel TV3 is working on the show, tentatively titled "Simply Live.
The recently completed the first in Thailand during the filming of a new adventure comedy "Jungle", the main starring Sergei Svetlakov and Vera Brezhneva.
Directed by Roman Romanovsky ("Streets of Broken Lights," "Link") began working on the film "Cashier".
Russian actress Julia Snigir ("Inhabited Island") and German actor Sebastian Koch ("Lives of Others") will play Russian criminals in the fifth part of the "Die Hard.
Director Sergey Kozhevnikov ("Duels") will shoot series about legendary scout Nikolay Kuznetsov with the working name «Belief.
Producer Denis Filyukov («Swine of cinema!») flight in the sky» according to Alexander Rodionov's scenario («All will die, and I will remain») prepares for shooting about a feat of legendary pilot Mikhail Devyatayev «.
Renat Davletyarov and Igor Tolstunov work over the joint project – the comedy "Invisible being" according to Yury Korotkov's scenario ("Dandies", «The country of deafs»).
Director Alexander Zhukov («The last business trip») started to work over the film with the working name «The Rhesus factor negative», a leading role in which will be played by showman Mikhail Kozyrev («Day of radio»).
Writer Julia Shilova will act as a soprodyuser of series on the basis of the books and even will partially finance the project.
Anastas Shipulin's producers ("Successor") and Rodion Pavlyuchik ("Ligovka") started to work over series «Hunting for a shark» according to Andrey Zhitkov's scenario ("Desantura", "Saboteur").
Movie companies "Dommedia" and Global Universal Pictures will shoot the film «16 months».
Anastas Shipulin's producers («The best summer of our life») and Rodion Pavlyuchik («Taming obstinate») started to work over series «A demon in an edge» according to Nina Sadur's scenario («The diary of the murderer») and Victoria Zuyeva («Old affairs»).