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     Production company Ruben Dishdishyan "Mars Media" together with Sarik and Ghevond Andreasyan preparing tobegin shooting in Armenia in spring 2015. The film's budget will be five million dollars. shoot a big-budget action-drama "The Story of a quake". Painting will talk about the crash, which occurred December 7, 1988 in Armenia. Then the earthquake destroyed the town of Spitak, Leninakan, Vanadzor, Stepanavan and more than 300 settlements. Movie is directed by Saric Andreassian, and one of the main roles is regarded actor Vladimir Mashkov.
     Nikolai Dostal movie "Monakh i bes", which he wrote the script Yuri Arabov, will be shot in the Vologda region. Production of the film has already been supported by the Foundation movie, but as he notes Dostal allocated money at the moment is not enough. Vologda region is not the first time becomes a place of filming by Yuri Dostal. So, in 1994 he filmed in Vologda film "Little Demon" novel by Fyodor Sologub and in 2006-200, Vologda and Veliky Ustyug were shooting on location miniseries "Lenin's Testament".
     Director Dmitry Goldman ( "Katina love", "Wedding ring") started filming the movie "Pretty Woman Lala". The main heroine - The project will consist of 95 episodes, divided into three parts. The authors define a genre project as adventurous romance. The game's story - the life and adventures of a girl gypsy Lyali. Wrote the script for the series Gnedash Tatiana ("Milkmaid of Hatsapetovki", "Hope as evidence of life"). The film will play Ada Rogovtseva ("Taming of the Fire", "Eternal Call"), Alexander Popov ("Spun"), Nadia Kostiuk, Oksana Zhdanov and others. Filming will take place in Kiev on throughout the summer.
     In the center of the story told in "Sweet Life" - six of our very successful thirties contemporaries. The main heroine Sasha - a single mother of Perm, which is trying to gain a foothold in Moscow, earning dancing in a nightclub. Action series stacked just eight days, but during this time the life of each of the characters in "Sweet Life" is rotated by 180 degrees. Series premiere on the channel TNT will be held on June 2.
     Directed by Nikolai Lebedev will undertake the production of the film "Crew", whose story inspired by the individual based on the legendary painting by Alexander Mitta. New job creator "Legends of number 17" will be released in cinemas in Russia in 2015 in the format IMAX. About translation in this format and IMAX Corporation announced studio "TRITE Nikita Mikhalkov." Thus, the "Crew" will be the second after the "Stalingrad" of Russian painting in the format IMAX. The cast of the film has been kept secret.
     On "Mosfilm" pavilion began filming the movie "restorer". Picture production company engaged in "White Media". Director of the series stands Igor Sternberg ("Arrive suddenly magician", "Native people"). Event series will unfold in the 90s. The protagonist - the artist, who was forced to make copies of paintings. Owed a large sum of money to the customer, he decides to go on the run. After seeing the story on TV about a rural teacher, looking for his missing father's only surviving photographs, he decides to pretend them to lie on the bottom. Actors - Nikolai Dobrynin ("matchmakers", "Intimate Enemy") and Laza Arzamasova ("Father's Daughters, "Love in the City"). Also on the show will play Marina Yakovleva, Igor Furmanyuk and others.
     Shooting the sequel, as is the case with the original, will be held in Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk unusual for full - length movies 22 shifts and end in early June. On screen, the picture will exactly one year after the release of "Kiss!" - 23 october. Besides Svetlakov, continuing to take part in all the main actors of the first film - Jan Tsapnik, Elena Valyushkina, Yulia Alexandrova, Yegor Koreshkov, Sergei Lavygin, Alexander Pahl, Valentine Mazunina, Julia and Vasily Kortukov. To join the team friendly actor Konstantin Murzenko and Alexander Roebuck.
     Events of the film take place in Kiev school for the deaf, and characters of the film to communicate in sign language, spoke about the plot of his film director. In 2012  film by Miroslav Slaboshpitskiy "Nuclear waste" (included in the anthology "Ukraine, Goodbye") received the Silver Leopard at the Locarno festival. At the Cannes Film Festival, Miroslav Slaboshpitsky participates for the first time.
     Fifth International Film Festival in Vologda VOICES will be held this year from 4 to 8 July and will be devoted to British cinema. Despite this, the festival will arrive Italian actress Anita Kravos to present a picture of Paolo Sorrentino's "The Great Beauty", which received this year's "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" for best foreign language film.
     In late 2014 the film company " Marins Group " presented to the audience a new painting - "Martian". According to producer Alexander Kulikov, film "Martian" - unusual film, unpredictable and deep. It has everything: power, and suspense, fear and fantasy, and philosophy. Plus the format itself surprising. It is a good realistic fiction, which incorporates the philosophy Interteyment unpredictability. When watching a movie viewer will be fun to see themselves in the movie and alternative future.
     "The End of the Belle Epoque " - is the working title of a new picture Stanislav Govorukhin. The famous director, cult films "The venue can not be changed", "Voroshilov Sharpshooter " has already started filming . The film - a collection of Sergei Dovlatov "Compromise " and diary notes of the collection of short stories writer "Soviet Estonia". Moscow, St. Petersburg , Tallinn - the scene is constantly changing picture - after the movements of the protagonist, a crooked journalist. At the moment the picture is shot in the pavilion Mosfilm .
     Shootings of the film "Love with and without accent: Once in Armenia", directed by appointed Karen Oganesyan ("I remain,Brownie"). Directed by the first part of Rezo Gigineishvili this time acts as producers. The action film will be partly held in Yerevan, but it is possible that the shooting will take place in different countries. Starring Anna Chipovskaya and Ivan Jankowski. Check the film's release is not yet known.
     In Moscow, started shooting the comedy "Young grandfather", the story is adapted fr om the Korean film "Brawlers". The protagonist - a radio host, discovers that he has a grown daughter and little grandson. Timur Bekmambetov is producing a remake , and became director Eduard Oganesyan. The original film was released in 2008, and immediately after his successful rental in South Korea, wh ere the picture looked at 8.2 million viewers, the company Bazelevs Timur Bekmambetov began negotiations with the owners and serious adaptation scenario under national realities. In the Russian version of the protagonist (Daniel Beliy) is a radio show, met with the owner of the radio station Sasha (Catherine Varnava) and quite pleased with his bachelorhood. One day on his doorstep appears 20 -year-old Alain (Valery Kulikova) with his son, stating that she was his daughter. Now Roman - young grandfather. He is forced to justify himself in front of Sasha and all of his life arranged flies downhill.
     Sergey painting producing Selyanov. Director, writer and performer of one of the main roles playing Natalia Kudryashova , best known for the film "One War" by Vera Glagoleva. The film tells the story of three friends whose childhood was a pioneer on the 1980s . The film takes place in 1987 and in modern Russia. Soviet childhood protagonists filmed in Veliky Novgorod. Together with Natalia Kudryashova film played Daria Moroz, Anatoly Bely, Alexander Userdin, Yuri Kuznetsov, Mikhail Krylov, Svetlana Pismechenko, Ela Sanko and others. Filming should be completed in May, and the output of "Pioneer Hero" is scheduled for release in 2015.
     Film on his own script, tentatively titled "How Michael". The plot of the film has not yet disclosed, but it is known that, as in "Winter Road", the protagonist becomes a musician, which this time will play Eugene Tkachuk. Filming should begin this summer, but since the movie is made without government support, the filmmakers turned to the audience for support using kraudfanding.
     Engaged in film production and producer Arsen Gottlieb Film Company "Metronome Film". This is a children's adventure film, tentatively titled "GOLD" about precocious smart boy, who along with his girlfriend investigates mysterious robbery museum of local lore, and incidentally dreams of becoming a circus performer. At the moment, the main director is looking for child artist and holds the casting for adult roles.
     Nicholas Khomeriki began shooting 8 - detective drama series "Secrets of the city N" film company "Mars Media" The plot revolves around the mysterious murder of a quiet provincial town: a young investigator Anna unravels the murder of a teenager committed under strange circumstances at the entrance to the city. Wanting to be justified, the investigation helps the main suspect. Starring: Svetlana Kolpakov, known for her role in "The Thaw" Dmitry Podnozov of "Dubrovsky" Anna Chipovskaya Igor Hripunov Natalia Rogozhkina and others. Shooting took place in Leningrad Region Priozerske and will last until the summer.
     Riga began filming the adventure film "Quest", which is a joint project of STS and production center "IVAN!". Starring Paul Priluchny ("Dark World: Balance", "The Game") and Agatha Mutsenietse ("Closed School", "My family is crazy") Also in the film will play Marina Petrenko ( "Thaw" , "Gentlemen , good luck!") Michael Evlanov ("Breststkaya fortress" , "9 rota") , Elijah Joseph ("Election Day" , "Tatyana's Day") , Alexey Frandetti ("winter Journey","King") and others. Screenplay written by Denis Karyshev project ("The Apocalypse Code", "SSD"), Dmitry Grachev ( "Happy New Year , Mom", "Bride at any cost") and Alexander turbine ( "Wild" ), with editorial participation of renowned film critic and screenwriter Roman Volobueva and his co-author Elena Vanina.
     Nine Russian film companies selected leaders domestic film in 2014 by the Federal Fund of social and economic support for the national film industry. These included "Art Pictures Studio", "Directorate movie " studio "Three T" by Nikita Mikhalkov, Production Company Igor Tolstunov, CTB Film Company, "Central Partnership", "Non-Stop Production", TaBBaK, "Enjoy movies" Last year, the list of leaders of filmmaking has 13 companies. This year the Foundation will allocate cinema film companies 3 billion rubles. , Among them leading companies will receive 1 billion 200 rubles. on an irrevocable basis, 700 million rubles. - On the basis of 100 per cent return. Other companies will be allocated 1 billion rubles, Half of which - on a returnable basis.
     In St. Petersburg, began shooting the film "The Wrestler" director Nurbek Egena ("An Invisible Sign", "Network"). The main character - mixed martial arts fighter, who on the eve of an important battle refuses to cooperate with a fraud-bookie and leads at that girl. Picture production company engaged in the production of RWS. The main male role play Alexei Chadov and women - Oksana Akinshina. Also in the film are removed Sergey Chirkov, Igor Sklar and others. Exit "Fighter" was appointed in 2015.