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      The picture will show the life story of designer Mikhail Kalashnikov, including the creation of his world-famous machine gun. Bodrov, Konstantin Buslov, Alexander Dostal ("The Black Sea", "The Monk and the Demon") are producing the picture.
Etalon-film and RB Production are engaged in production.
      The main character is a successful businesswoman who once discovers that she doesn’t know her loved ones at all: her lover is cheating on her, and her daughter does not have any confidence in her mother. The heroine tries to solve the problems with the support of a psychologist.
They play in the series Kirill Grebenshchikov, Svetlana Antonova (“The Hunt for Piranha”), Lyubov Bakhankova (“Doctor Tyrsa”), Yevgeny Kaverau (“Chernobyl: The Alienation Zone”).
The film will be released on small screens this year.
      The script was written by Elena Rajskaya taking into account the work “Three Sisters” by Anton Chekhov, but with an action transferred to Lithuania in the 1990s and a detective intrigue.
The leading roles are performed by Yulia Peresild, Yulia Snigir and Anna Chipovskaya, and also Evgeny Tsyganov and Sergey Koltakov are involved.
Filming took place in Vyborg and Sestroretsk.
       The film tells about a chess champion, who loses his father on the eve of important competitions, and turns out to be a pawn in someone else's game.
Also play Mikhail Bogdasarov, Alexander Dyachenko, Tatiana Kosmacheva, Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka. Directed by Dmitry Sorokin (“Time of Happiness”, “Happiness is”). The film will be aired on Russia 1 channel.
      The name of the project has not been disclosed yet, but it is known that the picture will be based on real historical events. The project will be bigger and more complex on the topic, artistic tasks and budget.
The exact timing of the production and release of the film is also not called.
      The film is about a couple who travels to London and there is a victim of a terrorist attack. The couple survive, but the woman who saved the little girl becomes a heroine for everyone, but the husband receives the glory of a coward.
The script was written by Anastasia Palchikova (“Her name was Mumu”, “Big”).
The main roles will be performed by Fyodor Bondarchuk and Julia Vysotskaya.
 Director - Alexei Smirnov ("Garden Ring"). The producers are Bondarchuk, Vyacheslav Murugov, Mikhail Vrubel and Alexander Andryushchenko. Shooting will take place in London.
      The film tells the story of the romantic relationship of a math teacher and second grader. The teacher decides to pull up the guy on the subject, but he suddenly confesses his love. In the future, the characters are faced with the condemnation of their relationship.
The leading roles are played by Vyacheslav Chepurchenko and Olga Pavlovets.
      In the story, the main character lives a hermit, guarding an abandoned sanatorium. Once he is visited by unusual guests - a married couple fleeing from persecution and reprisals.
The main roles in the film are performed by Kirill Pirogov, Vladislav Abashin and Alla Yuganova.
Andrei Novikov and Alexander Kotelevsky are producing. Production - film company "Invada Film" with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
Filming takes place in a holiday home in the Ryazan region.
      The plot tells the story of a provincial town in which a series of similar crimes take place - girls returning from parties disappear. The investigation is entrusted to an experienced investigator from the capital, but the local prosecutor is trying to slow down his work, identifying the team of "green" employees. They play in the series Ivan Oganesyan, Alexander Lyapin, Karina Andolenko, Sergey Mardar.
 The director is Marc Gorobets (“Happiness! Health!”).
The shooting took place in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Airing is expected in 2019.
      In the story, the main character, in her youth, having seen the death of a friend, acquires a gift - to anticipate tragedy and unhappiness. She finds a particularly successful use of her abilities, having moved from the provinces to Moscow.
The main role is played by Evgenia Dobrovolskaya, and together with her in the picture Ilya Malakov, Konstantin Strelnikov, Andrey Rudensky, Alexandra Tulinova (“The Fourth Shift”) play.
The series is produced by order of the channel "Russia 1".
      The film will unfold in St. Petersburg at the beginning of the 20th century, when a certain Sea Devil attacks ships in the Gulf of Finland. The inventor hero hunts for a semi-mythical monster, and at the same time meets a human amphibian, and an unusual creature will not be a man, but a woman. The script was written by Oleg Malovichko.
Production jointly engaged in film company Art Pictures Studio, "Hydrogen", as well as the National Media Group.
Filming will take place in the autumn of 2019 in St. Petersburg, and the release of the film is scheduled for 2020.
       Finished shooting the following picture. And the lyrical comedy called “Dear Dad” is also dedicated to the conflict between fathers and children. In the story, a businessman from the Forbes list arrives in a small seaside town to pick up the important actions from the former wife and daughter he once threw. Not expecting the family to give the desired of free will, a man develops a cunning plan, which leads to a series of stupid situations. Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Irina Pegova, Nikolai Schreiber, Ieva Andreevaite, Valentina Lyapina (“Alien Daughter”, “Hold my hand”) play in the film. Production - Renovatio Entertainment.
      According to the plot, the main character of the film, a manicurist from Voronezh, flies to Khanty-Mansiysk, but gets stuck in St. Petersburg Pulkovo airport. The main role is played by Aglaia Tarasova, and also in the film, apparently, Kirill Nagiyev, Yulia Aug, Ekaterina Varnava, Olga Efremova will appear. The producer is Ekaterina Kononenko (Hardcore, I Lose Weight).
The start of the comedy hire is scheduled for March 2019.
       The plot is based on the story of the “Russian Count Monte Cristo”. The action begins in the mid-1980s. The main character, a young charming provincial, dreams of becoming an artist. On the way to the big stage, he falls in love with a girl from an influential family. The parents of the beloved, not wanting a relationship, make it so that the young man goes to the army. Worse, in the Afghan war, the hero is captured.
The main role is played by Neil Kropalov ("Stairway to Heaven"). Other characters in the film are played by Evgeny Sidikhin, Yegor Beroev, Sergey Batalov, Ekaterina Volkova, Maria Mironova, and also Italian actor Marco Dinelli.
The shooting took place in Sevastopol and Yalta, as well as in Moscow.
Production - film company "Russian". The premiere will be held in 2019 on the TV channel "Russia 1".
      The film will be made in the genre of dramedi. Now we are working on the script. Produced by Ruben Dishdishyan.
The release date of the film has not yet been appointed.
      The picture consists of several stories, developing in parallel. The main plot is connected with a sports commentator, who, having lost his job, begins to engage in children's sports competitions. The film will show such sports as horse racing and sambo. They play in the film Jan Tsapnik, Roman Madyanov, Yuri Stoyanov and Vladimir Sychev. The film was directed by Maxim Zykov and Philip Abryutin.
Start rental is scheduled for March 2019.
      In the story the film will be devoted to the defense of the Adzhimushkay quarries. In 1942, over the course of half a year, the Soviet military garrison sheltered several tens of thousands of people from the German army in the catacombs near Kerch.
The script was written by debutant Alexey Yuzhakov. Produced by Alexey A. Petrukhin. A picture is being created with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Russian Military Historical Society and the government of the Tyumen Region.
Filming will be held in the Crimea.
      According to the plot, the European Athletics Champion Sergey Borozdin (Evgeny Romantsov) gets into a car accident, but the stress experienced gives the runner a unique ability - he sees events from the past at speed. At this time in the city the cruel maniac attacking women is wielding. Each of his victims is somehow connected with Sergey. Police investigator Nastya (Polina Maximova), investigating the case, suspects Borozdin of these crimes.
Director Andrei Zagidullin (“Quest”, “Unknown”, “Morok”) based on the script by Julia Idlis (“Farts”, ADVENTURES, “Fat. The Great Dynasty”).
The film is being created with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia. The release on the cinema screens is planned in 2019.
      In the center of the plot - the story of the captain of the police, who has a difficult choice between the happiness of loved ones and official duty. Once upon a task, a huge amount of missing money falls into his hands. They should be handed over, but at the same time they would allow the hero to help relatives.
The main role is played by Ivan Batarev ("28 Panfilov").
Produced by Janik Fayziev and Rafael Minasbekyan.
      The main character is a teenage girl from a small town who is brought up between a boxing ring and a street and dreams of becoming a singer. Over time, she moves to Moscow, but even there she is overtaken by her criminal circle of childhood.
Ruben Dishdishyan, Valery Fedorovich and Evgeny Nikishov are producing the picture.
The release of the film on the screens is scheduled for 2019.