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      "This is a story about the mayor of a small, provincial town, who was under house arrest. I'm from Pyatigorsk, I'm always about the province that wanted to do something" - said the writer.
This is the story "more about life, about human relations.
       The plot tells the story of how in Skolkovo invented a cure for cancer. And then the problems start from the inventor, both external and internal.
The authors promise a story in the first place, not boring, aimed at young people, but it is a serious and thoughtful.
The script is written by Vasily Pavlov.
       «Good Story Media» and «A + production» started production of the fifth season of "Real boys."
The premiere of the new season is scheduled for the spring of next year on TNT.
Happy birthday to! 27.11.2015
      November 27 - the date is special for us, because in this day eight years ago began the history of the company "Kindoсtor."

Every year, we prove to the fact that high-quality environment for the crew - this is not a whim, and contribute to the final result. For eight years, we provide nashigrimerno, costume autocomplexes for artists, celebrities, artists, makeup and costumes, as well as various promotions and road shows.

Our clients include such well-known brands Microsoft, eBay, Michelin, Mary Kay, 1 channel, BAZELEVS, Reebok, Warner Brothers and many others.

On our birthday, we would like to say thank you that you are with us! Your confidence gives us enthusiasm and inspiration for further growth and development.
      The company Nautilus Media removes sitcom channel STS.
The main character - the daughter of an oligarch who as punishment for the offense for a year sent to work maid of sea cruises.
Actors - Valery Fedorovich and Konstantin Kryukov. Filming will last until the end of the year and will take place on the high seas, as well as in Greece, Turkey, Italy and Spain.
The series will air in 2016.
      The new draft STS - comedy series Life with the name "You are all my besite." In the center of the story - the story of a girl irritable, for which the world is changing for the better, but if you drink.
Out sitcom scheduled for next spring.
     Filming was held in Kiev. Belgian company engaged in the production of WILD TRIBE FILMS and Ukrainian studio FILM.UA.
Operator - Thierry Arbogast ("Leon", "Black Cat, White Cat", "The Fifth Element," "Angel-A").
In the story, the girl Polina, who knows nothing about his parents, lives in the house of his aunt. The woman dislikes her niece is going to get rid of it, to assign a mysterious inheritance. Trying to escape, Pauline goes on a magical journey.
In the picture removed Virginie Ledoyen ("8 Women"), North Yanushauskayte ("Star"), Saul Rubinek ("Correct wife", "Lost").
Starring Ukrainian actress Polina Pechenenko
      Dramatic horror will be devoted to the lives of young people who "do not do what they want, and they want to - do not."
The script written by the director's brother, Denis Kulagin. Producing Ekaterina Filippova ("Nobody knows about sex", "mom Daraga!"). Productions film company is engaged in "Pan-Atlantic studio."
Supported by the movie on the basis of 100% recoveries.
       Vladimir Kott takes great costume film "The commander of the North Star" of the Russian polar explorers - Chelyuskin (played by Nikita Efremov), Bering (Valery Barinov) and Pronchishchev (Leonid Bichevin). The story is not just about the Arctic, but also about a love triangle involving Chelyuskina and Pronchishchev.
Principal photography held in Yakutia, and then they moved to St. Petersburg and Moscow.
      Until the end of November in Moscow is shooting a romantic comedy titled "Keep stroke, baby!".
The main character - twin sister, who live very different lives. One - "the best girl on the faculty" who dreams of a career in television, the other - the boxer. In time they will be swapped. In both starring - Ekaterina Vladimirova. With her participation in the film take Michael Porechenkov, Konstantin Kryukov Igor Wernick, Sergei Belogolovtsev Olga Buzova and Kostya Ju.
Director - Arayik Hovhannisyan ("Friends of Friends"). Shooting organizes film company "Laval film."
 Output is scheduled for autumn 2016.
       The name of the new picture is already there, but kept secret. The film tells a "very sad, poignant," the story of separation of the spouses.
Casting will begin soon, and shooting is scheduled for August 2016.
      The film will be an attempt to study the personality of the poet and his avant-garde art of adaptation for the big screen.
The role played in the Klebnikov perform "Arventure" Vladimir Mishka. Producing a draft Andrei Sigle, a company engaged in the production of Proline Film.
Run pattern tied to the recent 130th anniversary of the poet. Possible completion date is not yet known.
       "World Christmas trees" - a continuation of the popular franchise. The almanac will include six short stories.
Shooting is scheduled for the beginning of 2016 in Russia, USA, Germany, Mexico, South Korea and other countries. Each story is told in the film, will be charged in the local language with the participation of popular or that state actors.
In rolling the film will be released in early 2017.
      Melodrama "Bird City" will focus on the love story of a teenage immigrant from the Soviet Union and the Italian girl.
The film co-operate Hazanova for "Parsley Syndrome" screenwriter Alain Alov and producer Svetlana Kuchmaeva ("Daughter", "Salvation").
Film Company is engaged in the production of paintings "Valdai". Release is scheduled for next year.
      "Matryoshka" - a novel by Vladimir Sorokin's "Norma". The script is written by Sorokin in collaboration with Nicholas Sheptulin, who is the director of the project.
Operator - Timo Salminen, Mika takes a picture and Aki Kaurismaki.
Roles performed by Ivan Kolesnikov ("The End of a Beautiful Era"), Anna Andrusenko ("Major"), Alexander Child ("The Crisis of tender age"), Alex Vertkov ("White Tiger"), Olga DYKHOVICHNY ("Inhale exhale," "Portrait of a twilight ").
       In a recent interview, was told about the plans to revive the program "Prozhektorperiskhilton": "We are working on the return of the" Prozhektorperiskhilton. "And we all get together again. But it depends on the heads of TV channels. If this happens, it will not be the basis of this desire to be a leader, but rather an occasion for friends to get together more often. "
      The action of the new film will take place in 1972: "The main characters of the story - the Soviet Bonnie and Clyde. 70 years - the start time of banditry in the Soviet Union. Massacres, torture and cruelty. "
Productions film company is engaged in "Russian project".
Who is "Mosfilm" are videoproby. Shooting will begin in December.
      By shooting the new series has begun director Vyacheslav Ross ("Siberia. Monamur"). The action of the series takes place in the XV century during the reign of Ivan III, devoted himself to the unification of the Russian lands around Moscow. The main role went to Maria Andreeva and Evgeny Tsyganov. The script was written by Elena and Andrey Rubanov Paradise ("Viking"). Andrew produces Runners ("Orleans").
Company engaged in the production of "Dzhenneks Media" and VGTRK supported by the Ministry of Culture.
Filming will last until the end of the year and will be held in Moscow, Novgorod, Astrakhan and Kaluga regions, as well as in the studio "Barrandov" in the Czech Republic. Will the film on the TV channel "Russia-1" in 2016.
       Branded and equipped "smart" screens autocomplexes "Kinodoсtor" drove through the streets of Moscow in a campaign to promote the line of winter tires MICHELIN.
      The picture tells about the life and morals of the dashing of the most famous Soviet hotel. "
The director of the series - Michael Weinberg ("Looking For You", "Freud's method"). Shooting will begin in January 2016.
Producing a picture of Ruben Dishdishyan.