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      Director Kirill Pletnev started shooting short films "Mama". The main roles are played by Svetlana Khodchenkova ("Warrior") and Valery Barinov ("Driver for Vera").
In the center of the plot - the relationship of a young mother with her teenage daughter, who believes his mother's older sister and his grandmother and grandfather - parents.
Director of Photography - Julia Galochkina ("Kadetstvo", "Nastya", "Kardiopolitika"). Duration of film - 26 minutes.
      The film takes place on board the orbiter, where the three Russian and two American astronauts, as well as on the ground, where they were family.
Starring in the movie performed by Alexey Makarov ( "The Three Musketeers"), Sergei Puskepalis ( "How I spent last summer"), Vladimir Yaglych ( "Warrior"), Jana Sextus ( "Thaw"), Casimir Lieske ( "Salvation"), Victoria Isakova ( "Homeland"), Anna Mikhalkov ( "Kokoko"), Andrei Smirnov ( "Helen"). Producer - Valeri Todorovski ( "Thaw"). Operator - Sándor Berkes ( "Angels of the revolution", "Koktebel").
      The drama is an adaptation of the final plays of playwright Anna Yablonska "pagans." The director has put the play on the stage of "Teatra.doc", and now has decided to move it to the screen.
The plot revolves around an ordinary family, but a lot of problems. Father is sitting without work, the mother of one daughter earns the institution, and the daughter falls in love with the teacher and throws the study. And then of wandering in the monasteries back briskly believer-in-law, and offers a way out - the Church and Orthodoxy. And at first everything seems to be starting to build, but this family misfortune befalls a new ...
We wish you inner peace, happiness, prosperity and success in all your endeavors!
       Today we have prepared for you a selection of the most interesting books on cinema from the world-renowned directors.
       The tape according to the scenario of Alexander and Anna Adabashyan Chernakova ("Dog Heaven") is dedicated to one of the few udavshihsya attempts to escape from a concentration camp. She carried a Soviet officer Alexander Pechersky in the Polish Sobibor. The director of the project will be Andrei Malukov ("Match").
Currently completed the preparatory period.
        It removes a movie director Ivan Shurhovetsky, who worked on the television, and worked on the script for the whole team - Sergey Yudakov Dmitry Fingers Eugene Rajewski and Dmitry Rajewski.
Producing with Janik Fazievym Pavel Stepanov and Rafael Minasbekyan. The authors promise that the concept of the picture will remind okolofenteziyny the world in the spirit of the film "Immortals."
Home played by Ilya effeminate, also involved Polina Chernyshov Alexander Tsoi, Aleksei Serebryakov Andrey Burkovsky Igor Savochkin Julia Hlynina Alexander Ilyin ml., Timothy Tribuntsev Victor Proskurin, Alexander and Valery Ilyin Shkirando.
Filming will last until May, and the yield rental is scheduled for April 2017.
      Historical-biographical film about the permanent president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev entitled "So there were the stars." The film Sergei Snezhkin unfolds in the years of perestroika, and the plot involves the dramatic events of those years in Kazakhstan.
In the film, played by Sergei Garmash, Aleksey Guskov, Darya Moroz, Igor Ugolnikov and Briton Hugh Fraser ("101 Dalmatians") in the role of George Bush.
The shooting took place in St. Petersburg and Kazakhstan: in Almaty and Karaganda. The premiere is expected in March this year.
      "Lenfilm" actor proposed joint project. According to the press-secretary of the studio Vladimir Karpov, the actor sees primarily in the role of leader of the world proletariat.
Especially that "Lenfilm" everything is ready to recreate the situation beginning of XX century and the events of the revolution.
       The picture will open the topic connection quick and the dead in the form of history of self-determination.
Production company engaged in the production of "Telesto" and "Annika film." Glickman producing Elena and Victoria Lupik.
The premiere is scheduled for 2017.
      Team: operator Anton Zenkovich, producers Georgy Malkov Ivan Kapitonov Daniel Makhort. Action fantastic action entitled "New World," set in the near future.
In the story, he discovers a secret chapter "Revelation", from which it follows that all mankind prepare for the start of the Apocalypse. Home played by Egor roots.
Shooting took place in Moscow. The output picture is expected in 2017.
       On advertising written many books, but there are some that even the passage of time does not lose its relevance. And here is a list of books, in our view, worthy of reading. And what do you advise?
      Mikhail Boyarsky got the role of a sorcerer in the story Avdotya Smirnova "Dog walking" for the almanac "Petersburg. SELF ", where the heroine Anna Mikhalkov is desperately trying to find love.
      Studio "Rock" has finished in St. Petersburg Ilya Kazankova dosemki comedy "Treasures Ermak", also known as "Call Myshkin."
Michael Truhin plays a hapless actor, which makes a little girl to make a trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow.
      Sometimes it happens that way need inspiration, fresh ideas, and nothing happens ... We offer a little distracted and inspiring to see, and even to some extent educational films about people from advertising, that's who really uninspired way. And what about advertising films can advise you?
      The action takes place in 1943, somewhere in the southern areas of the Soviet Union occupied by the Germans. The protagonist - a simple teacher, "little man" who is trying not to touch politics, but one policy applies to him.
The main role played by Aleksandr Kovtunets ("Land of the good kiddies"). Also in the picture participated Boris Kamorzin Andrew Smolyakov Julia Peresild Vladislav Abashin Sergei Pohodaev ("Leviathan") and Swiss actor Philip Reinhardt, formerly of "Match" and "Stalingrad". Natalia producing Mokritskaya, Juliana and Alexander Savelyev Kovtunets. The shooting took place in the Crimea, near Feodosia.
The premiere is planned this spring. Productions film company is engaged in "Ilya Muromets".
      This debut as a director of a serial project. The film will consist of 12 episodes. Output is scheduled for STS channel.
      It will be a fantastic picture of how several modern poets of Petersburg sent in 1964 to prevent the trial of Brodsky.
The film is shot in the framework of the project "St. Petersburg. Self. "
      Yellow, Black & White started to work on the third season of the comedy series, director of the project Radda Novikov revealed features of the plot: "In the new season, as in previous ones, the audience is waiting for a large number of sparkling humor and charming characters. To begin with, the family moved from the capital Gurov penthouse in a country cottage, and now many adventures happening to them in the open air. Our heroes appeared neighbor - beautiful woman with character, a successful TV presenter Inga - played by famous actress Anne Neva. Inga tries to influence and selfish Paul begins the confrontation between them: the struggle of the characters and a sense of humor. In humor, I must say, Inge does not yield to Paul, so watch their sparring will be very interesting. "
      Portugal started shooting drama Fanny Ardant "Stalin's sofa." The protagonist of tape - a young artist who in 1950 entrusted to create the monument, but before it is invited for questioning. In addition Depardieu in the film is removed Emmanuelle Seigner. Portuguese film company is engaged in the production Leopardo Filmes, with the participation of "Mosfilm", which provides for the filming of costumes and props.
The premiere is expected in 2016.