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      The plans of Alexander Sokurov's appeal to the genre of comedy. The central theme is anonymous picture familiar to the director. The action takes place during World War II and takes place in Nazi Germany in those years. Filming is scheduled for later this year.
      It goes in the film about the new combat sport, whose members are fighting in the ring called "FORMAP".
They play in the film Yan Yan Tsapnik, Denis Nikiforov, Maxim Konovalov, Natalia Vlasova, Vladimir Epifantsev Alexander Shlemenko, Andrey Semenov, Mikhail Malyutin.
      Directed by Alexander Sashneva ( "AWAKE will", "nipadetski") filmed Dostoevsky novel. In the painting "Raskolnikov, or Fruit jelly clouds", the authors give the protagonist "a chance to change the fate." Action postponed today and stylistically oriented filmmakers Quentin Tarantino.
Roles in the movie performed by Eugene Antropov, Elizabeth Arzamasova Julia AUG and Oleg Kharitonov. There will be shooting in April and May in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The premiere is expected before the end of this year.
      Today, the prime minister will be held in the Russian drama theaters "Carol". The film's director Todd Haynes said in an interview with The Telegraph about how the details were important and painstaking preparatory process to work on films.
       Directed by debutant Hope Vitalskaya completed shooting paintings "Source" (the working title of "Alena"). The tape in the genre of "contemporary legend" is devoted to the meeting of two completely different people - secured by a guy from the metropolis and girls living in the dense forest in harmony with nature. Starring Ivan Yankovsky and graduate GITIS, newcomer Valentina Koleva. Together with them on the set worked Khairullina Rose, Paul DeLong, Alexander Rapoport.
Shooting period stretched for half a year, and the group visited the Orel region, Moscow and the Crimea. Production - Film Company "Solis film."
      The film is dedicated to the Second World War and, as always with Fedorchenko, designed in an experimental way. The action develops in the same room, and in the frame - only one character, six-year old girl that plays the young March Kozlov.
The script is written by Fedorchenko, together with the author of "Combine" Hope "," Natalia Meshchaninova. For visual solution meets operator Alisher Hamidhodzhaev. Productions film company engaged in "February 29" and "Saga".
      Now completed the preparatory period, shooting will start in March and will be held in Sevastopol, some areas of the Crimea, St. Petersburg, Moscow. Output pictures in rolling scheduled for winter 2017.
Pimanov notes that the main roles will perform the "Star of the first magnitude." While the film two working title - "Crimea" and "The Principality of Theodoro"
      Alla Surikov started working on the feature film "Love and sax." The genre is to be ironic melodrama. In the center of the film - the relationship of the talented saxophonist with no fixed place of work and harpist Symphony Orchestra. In the story, the hero because of misbehavior gets in jail and is serving a sentence there.
Starring Maxim Averin ( "grouse") and Ekaterina Klimova ( "We're from the future"). Also in the film will play Mikhail Efremov, Valery Barinov ( "Driver for Vera"), Olga Kabo ( "Queen Margot"), Alexander F. Sklyar, Larisa Dolina and others. Operator - Gregory Belenky ( "The Man from Boulevard des Capucines").
The project is now in the preparatory period, shooting will begin in mid-April in Moscow
      For those who would like to review again the masterpieces of the national cinema, online, the movie excellent selection of old movies from the Golden collection of Mosfilm.
      Russian Film Group and producer Alex Petruhin plan to once again move to the screen the story of Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking. The closest reference to the film, which will be called "Pippi", the authors called "Harry Potter".
Movie planned large-scale and global audience oriented.
      We congratulate the men on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland! We wish you happiness and good luck on all fronts, confidence in decision-making, and the brave deeds, of course, always a peaceful sky over your head!
     Star Media Film and the first channel complete preproduction 10-part biographical series about Faina Ranevskaya. The script called "Faina" was written by Yuri Moroz Alina Semeryakovoy ("Anna German. The mystery of the white angel").
Ranevskaya play Marietta Tsigal-Polishchuk ("Inhabited Island") and Sophia Pisman ("Island unnecessary people"). Also in the film will be removed and Irina Maria Poroshina Grinyova ("I remain").
Producing Vladislav Ryashin. Start filming is scheduled for this spring.
      The picture tells about the events of October 1941, relating to the defense of Kalinin (Tver).
The main character will be the chief of the city garrison, fell under the suspicion of sabotage, but later was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union title. Participation in the film take Arthur Waha and Nikita Tarasov ( "The Battle of Sevastopol"). In the director's chair - Pavel Drozdov ( "Champion", "Ice"). In the autumn we were shooting the teaser, and work on the base material will continue this year.
The premiere will take place in 2017.
      The screenplay is about the great Soviet composer Aram Khachaturian. The film will be a lot of music, interesting facts of his life and, of course, the famous meeting with Salvador Dali in Spain.
It is planned that the film will be released in late 2017.
       On January 25, 2016 and until the end of the summer will be held in Kaliningrad shooting detective series under the working title "The raid".
By order of the First Channel of the series will shoot "West Film" together with film company "Kargo". The show will be an adaptation of the French project "Braquo".
Participation in the shooting will take Vladimir Mashkov, Sergei Shnyrev, Lusha Ilyashenko, Denis Shvedov and others.
Filming will take place in various locations of the city of Kaliningrad.
       In April, will begin shooting a new project studio "VGIK-debut" road movie "How Garlic Vic drove Lech pin in the nursing home." The main characters, whose names are displayed in the title - an adult son, who grew up in an orphanage and his father, a cripple and a criminal.
The role of the latter will perform Alexei Serebryakov. The script was written by Alexei Borodachevym ( "Self-Pioneer"). As a graduate of the director debut studio Karen Shakhnazarov and Alexander Oleg nix Hunt. Fedor Popov produces. Filming will take place in Tver and will last until May.
The premiere is scheduled for 2017.
      Approaching one of the most romantic holidays - 14 February. We offer you a selection of films on such diverse in its manifestations feeling as love.
      Director Kirill Pletnev started shooting short films "Mama". The main roles are played by Svetlana Khodchenkova ("Warrior") and Valery Barinov ("Driver for Vera").
In the center of the plot - the relationship of a young mother with her teenage daughter, who believes his mother's older sister and his grandmother and grandfather - parents.
Director of Photography - Julia Galochkina ("Kadetstvo", "Nastya", "Kardiopolitika"). Duration of film - 26 minutes.
      The film takes place on board the orbiter, where the three Russian and two American astronauts, as well as on the ground, where they were family.
Starring in the movie performed by Alexey Makarov ( "The Three Musketeers"), Sergei Puskepalis ( "How I spent last summer"), Vladimir Yaglych ( "Warrior"), Jana Sextus ( "Thaw"), Casimir Lieske ( "Salvation"), Victoria Isakova ( "Homeland"), Anna Mikhalkov ( "Kokoko"), Andrei Smirnov ( "Helen"). Producer - Valeri Todorovski ( "Thaw"). Operator - Sándor Berkes ( "Angels of the revolution", "Koktebel").
      The drama is an adaptation of the final plays of playwright Anna Yablonska "pagans." The director has put the play on the stage of "Teatra.doc", and now has decided to move it to the screen.
The plot revolves around an ordinary family, but a lot of problems. Father is sitting without work, the mother of one daughter earns the institution, and the daughter falls in love with the teacher and throws the study. And then of wandering in the monasteries back briskly believer-in-law, and offers a way out - the Church and Orthodoxy. And at first everything seems to be starting to build, but this family misfortune befalls a new ...