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Hollywood film director, creator of "Die Hard 2", "Cliffhanger", his new film will devote events in South Ossetia in August of 2008.
August 5  on the set      platform comedy "In treason,   which by setting their own scenario Alexander has Atanesyan, first heard   the command "Motor !В».
Stanislav Govorukhin working on a new film under the working title until the "Heart of four" on the play by a young author Xenia Stepanycheva "You would not believe.
writer and director Victor Merezhko working on a continuation of the series about Sonya Golden Hand.
Director Eugene Tashkov removes a feature film with the working title "Three Women of Dostoevsky's" The script for which was written by him 15 years ago.
Anniversary, the fifth International Festival of short films and   animations Open cinema, passing under the sign of the 85 th anniversary   of the birth of the famous film director Sergei Parajanov, begins Aug.
Last week, the program was announced 66 th Venice Film   Festival.
Nikolai Dostal is busy filming a 16-episode TV project for   the channel "Russia" with the working title "The Split" ;.
Union of Cinematographers of Russia made a proposal to introduce a special tax on consumer video equipment.
Film RFG (Russian Film Group) in conjunction with the Foundation   Cultural Development  and movie   launched into production -length fiction film "Varangian".
actor and director Alexander Mikhailov finishes shooting the Russian-Polish film called "Whisky and milk.
7-14 July Film Society of Lincoln Center presented a program Revisiting Tarkovsky - a complete retrospective of films the great Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky Tarkovsky.
July 25 in Kazan started shooting the movie "The most realistic story.
Film Director Oksana Bychkova ("Peter FM", "Plus One") will begin in January February next year for the film on a script by Alexander Mindadze.
shooting a new film by Alexander Sokurov's "Faust" will begin in August 2009 and will be held in the Czech Republic (with the German actors), Iceland (with the participation of local artists) and, possibly, in the Vatican.
seems music video is a good running start before shooting feature films.
People's Artist of Russia Alexander A.
July 25 held a grand show of the season - the long awaited  open-air European Plus - EUROPA PLUS LIVE.
Vladivostok build a movie studio, said at a press conference devoted to the preparation of the VII International Film Festival Asia-Pacific Region (APR) "Pacific Meridian", the chairman of the organizing committee of the festival Larissa Belobrova.
July 21 one of the founders of the production center "Lean-M" and the owner of the minority share of the company Timur Weinstein said that on August 1 2009 leaves the position of general producer and goes from the board of directors, while reserving the opportunity to participate in managing the affairs of the company as a shareholder.
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