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heroine - Olga Samoilova - a talented surgeon, which account for a large number of complex operations.
in September will begin shooting the comedy "Look yakuza" - a new project directors Sergei Bodrov and Guki Omarova.
In the city of Kasimov and the surrounding villages of Ryazan region   famous director George Shengelia ("Classic", "Scavenger", " ; fleshka   "," Moneychangers ") takes a film entitled" Know-how В».
actor Lenkom Sergei Stepanchenko finishes in his debut directorial film, tentatively called "Footprints in the sand".
In filmography Konstantin Khabensky little comedy works.
in the park "Sosenka will be held on the first day of shooting   multiseries television movie under the working title" It was love ".
famous director Yuri Kara takes off in the Crimea movie called   "Hamlet.
Company Kinodoktor "warmly congratulates all the professionals of Russian cinematography Day movie!

We wish all the masters of film industry inexhaustible creativity, brilliant ideas, interesting projects that contribute to the further development of film production in Russia and approved it on a global level.
August 25 it became known that the director Ilya Khotinenko put a   new big-picture "Varangian".
September 1 yard VGIK will be a monument in memory of the famous   representatives of the domestic film industry Gennady Shpalikov, Vasily   Shukshin Andrei Tarkovsky, who had been studying in this university.
Moscow launched a major project - 12-episode drama "Hindu".
in St.
young Russian filmmaker Alexei Mizgir  received the prize for the   best        director's work culminated in    August 15        62-th International Film   Festival in Locarno        (Switzerland)    for the movie        В«tambourine, a drum.
In Moscow filmed television series "hen party" - a melodrama with elements of mystery and romantic comedy.
Russian director Igor Kopylov shoots in Kiev film, which plays the daughter of famed actor Mikhail Boyarsky Elizabeth.
In the Leningrad region are shooting under the working title "Chapa ChapaevВ».
In Odessa finish shooting   32-series film under the working title "Glamour".
held in Moscow shooting under the working title "What do men.
Presnensky court of Moscow will continue to hear cases challenging the holding of an extraordinary congress of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia (MRS), which director Nikita Mikhalkov, was reelected chairman of the Union, said Andrew Stolbunov - Attorney director Marlene Khutsiev, which is one of the plaintiffs.