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In April, director Yuri Kara begin shooting a new picture of the same name by Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Film Chekhov 09.12.2009
director Vitaly Melnikov takes on Lenfilm film of Anton Chekhov, "The lions, eagles, and partridges.
for 2011 planned output of artistic and documentary film of the eight series under the working title "Dostoevsky" (another name: " ; Player "), the main role which will be performed by Evgeny Mironov - the actor has repeatedly played a great writer.
shooting 24-film series "Faith.
Filming on the border guards "quiet Zastava ends in Novorossiysk foot Markotkh.
01 December 19-00 at the site was dreamsfilm.
В«This movie I have not shot", - says Eldar Ryazanov about his new film, entitled "Music of Life" ;.
continue filming on the book Dukhless Sergei Minaev.
Film Market 2009 02.12.2009
From 30 November to 4 December in the CC "Cosmos", is the 80 th Russian International Film Market.
Angelina Jolie, perhaps, take off in another Russian film.
Logo Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, officially presented at the Red Square in Moscow on November 30.
begin work on the film "The Queen of Spades" Lungin intends immediately after returning to Russia.
20 and 21 November 2010, the day of the centenary of the death of Leo Tolstoy, is scheduled for release in the rental of art and documentary project Leo Tolstoy: living genius.
State Duma on November 20 adopted on first reading amendments to the Law On State Support of Cinematography, "according to which cinema Russia from 1 January 2010 should be introduced a single ticket, with which the general information center will be sent details of all tickets sold.
November 20 at the cinema "Roland held a general meeting Producers Guild of Russia, to discuss the Council's initiatives for the development of national cinema in RF Government to change the model of state financial support to national cinematography.
November 18, 2009 passed the first day of the conference forum "Russian film industry 2009", organized by " Univers-Consulting commissioned by the Ministry of Culture with the support of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia and the independent research company, Movie Research.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered to prepare proposals on the deployment of state order to shoot a feature film dedicated to the Russian Geographical Society (RIG).
Following three quarters of 2009 statistics show some indicators of improvement in the national cinema in spite of projections and sensitivity.
genre of his film directed by Alina Rudnitskaya identified as a tragicomedy.