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      The plot focuses on the story of a brilliant lawyer who works only with women. Once her child is under attack, and the heroine also has to resort to protection.
The roles in the series are performed by Olga Sutulova, Kirill Kyaro, Maxim Onishchenko, Svetlana Ustinova, Polina Kutepova, Sofya Ozerova, Roman Ageev.
Among the producers are Alexander Tsekalo, Ivan Samokhvalov, Andrey Reznik.
      The film will reveal the history of the relationship of a 9-year-old boy and his father, a sea captain who was once captured by the natives. Years later, he returns home, but as the leader of an African tribe.
The project is produced by Kirill Pletnev together with Olga Akatieva and Anastasia Hakobyan ("Santa Claus. Battle of the Mages"). The film company Okapi Production is engaged in the production of the picture.
The start of filming is scheduled for the end of 2019.
The group will work in the Krasnodar Territory. The release is expected next year.
      In the center of the plot is the story of a soldier who takes out a flint from a tree hollow, and then with his help marries the princess. They play in the picture Olga Lapshina, Anton Adasinsky, Alexei Demidov, Julia Aug, Sergey Barkovsky, Polina Voichenko ("Elephant").
Producer - Anastasia Razlogova (“Touch of the Wind”). The film companies Duremar Pictures, Cameron-Film-Russia and Lenfilm are jointly engaged in production. The release of the tale is scheduled for December 2020.
      The ironic detective tells of retired policemen working in a department created for the sake of image - pensioners are assigned to re-investigate old unsolved crimes.
Play in the series Boris Shcherbakov, Boris Galkin, Maria Shukshina, Dmitry Astrakhan, Elena Koreneva, Arthur Waha. The producers are Timur Weinstein, Elena Zimenko.
      According to the life story of the main character, a successful girl, crumbles after an accident. The culprit of what happened is trying to help, and even a romantic relationship develops, but the man is not what he claims to be.
The picture also plays Julia Aug, Roman Polyansky, Valentin Smirnitsky.
Director - Andrei Simonov (“Pain Threshold”).
Produced by Janik Fayziev, Rafael Minasbekyan, Alexander Bondarev.
Filming takes place in Moscow.
       The events of the picture unfold in 1983. Soviet astronauts encounter an aggressive form of life in space and bring it to Earth.
The script was written by Andrei Zolotarev and Oleg Malovichko. Oksana Akinshina and Fedor Bondarchuk act in films.
In the director's chair - debutant Egor Abramenko.
Among the producers are Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitry Rudovsky, Mikhail Vrubel, Alexander Andryushchenko, Ilya Stuart, Murad Osmann.
The release of the picture is scheduled for April 2020.
      In the story, a retired naval officer returns to his hometown on the Barents Sea, where one of his friends is killed. The investigation, along with other comrades, leads to the secret of the submarine, which sank more than twenty years ago.
The main characters are played by Ivan Oganesyan, Sergey Kolos ("Elephant"), Vitaliy Saliy ("According to the laws of wartime").
The shooting locations will be the village of Teriberka in the Murmansk region, Murmansk, Sestroretsk, Kronshtadt and St. Petersburg.
      It will be a full-length sequel to the TNT comedy series. The plot details were not disclosed, but it is known that Nikolai Naumov, Zoya Berber, Vladimir Selivanov, Marina Fedunkiv, Valentina Mazunina and others will return to their roles in the project.
In the director's chair - Zhanna Kadnikova, produced by Anton Zaitsev. Production - film company Good Story Media. An estimated release date has not yet been announced.
      The film takes place in the early 2000s in a provincial town. The protagonist returns home after seven years of contract service in Chechnya. During the time that he was gone, the former girl and acquaintances became drug addicts, and her parents were drawn into the fight with the mafia for the sawmill. While the government is dormant, war veterans come together to restore order in the city.
The film also includes Alexander Nosik, Ivan Makhovikov, Pavel Popov, Nazir Zhukov (“Tesnota”), Oleg Kamenshchikov (“The Fool”), Irina Savitskova (“Big”), Elena Lotova (“Three Days Until Spring”).
 Director - Denis Carro (Anna Detective).
 Produced by Janik Fayziev, Rafael Minasbekyan, Sergey Bagirov.
Production is done by KIT Film Studio, and the series will premiere on NTV.
       In the new season, viewers will find out if reasonable Lena will regret that she easily broke off a routine but stable marriage and went to the rich but hiding something oligarch Olkhovsky (Vladimir Mishukov). And also whether Dasha’s grip from Saratov will be able to open her gallery and stay in Moscow without the help of an official Igor (Sergey Burunov). And finally, can Max (Peter Skvortsov) reveal the secret of the death of Alice (Olga Sutulova) and other characters.
      In the story, the main characters of these series will fight for a hotel in Sochi.
Dmitry Nagiev, Elena Ksenofontova, Dmitry Nazarov, Grigory Siyatvinda, Olga Kuzmina, Valeria Fedorovich, Victor Khorinyak and others will return to their roles. The director is the comedian Yevgeny Shelyakin.
There will be thirteen episodes in the series, and they will appear on the air of STS in the new television season.
      The action takes place in a provincial town, where the local governor, in anticipation of the election, decides to revive the nonexistent regional theater by staging the ballet Swan Lake. This task is entrusted to the wife of the official, who has to use random people to recruit the troupe.
The main roles are played by Igor Yatsko and Olga Tsirsen.
It is planned to complete work on the painting before the end of the year, and the premiere is expected next year.
      The main characters are a tandem of opposites: a hard-working, but inconsiderate young investigator and criminal photographer, "a brilliant gouge." Together, the couple reveals the complex crimes of a provincial city.
The main roles are played by Ivan Okhlobystin and Grigory Nekrasov (Kupchino).
Filming will last until the fall, and the series will be released in the new television season.
      The 8-episode film is dedicated to the life and career of the Soviet singer Muslim Magomayev.
The film was attended by Maria Shalaeva, Svetlana Ustinova, Maxim Lagashkin, Nikita Tarasov, Ksenia Babkina, Alena Ivchenko.
Director Oleg Asadulin began shooting, but Dmitry Tyurin and Roman Prygunov continued and completed.
Among the producers of the film are Peter Anurov, Danila Sharapov, Nelly Yaralova. The film companies Madiaslovo and Amedia are engaged in production.
In addition to Moscow, the shooting took place in Baku. The television premiere is scheduled for next fall.
      The main character is an ordinary girl with an ordinary appearance and a standard set of problems, but one day she wakes up with the confidence that she has become a “real beauty”, and this greatly changes her usual life.
Also in the picture will play Andrei Burkovsky, Yanina Studilina, Grigory Kalinin.
The film will be the first full-length directorial experience of actress Yana Gladkikh (“Kuprin. Pit”, “Lost Place”). The script was written by Evgenia Khripkova (“Sweet Life”, “Call DiCaprio!”).
Produced by Ruben Dishdishyan and Larisa Blazhko.
Rental is scheduled for 2020.
      The epic drama is dedicated to the conquest of Perm the Great by Moscow under Ivan III in the 15th century.
The main role in the film went to Alexander Kuznetsov, and Vitaly Kishchenko, Sergey Puskepalis, Mikhail Evlanov, Fedor Bondarchuk, Evgeny Mironov, Vladimir Epifantsev, Roza Khairullina, Ilya Malakov and others play with him.
The script was written by Ilya Tilkin and Sergei Bodrov Sr.
The producers are Igor Tolstunov, Vlad Ryashin, Anton Zlatopolsky. In addition to the Perm Territory, the Moscow Region will be the filming location. The production is jointly carried out by Profit, Star Media and the Rossiya TV channel with the support of the Cinema Fund.
 The film should be released in 2021.
      The film is dedicated to Mikhail Popkov, a former policeman and one of the bloodiest maniacs in recent Russian history. Between 1994 and 2010, considering himself a “cleaner”, he committed 81 murders in the small town of Angarsk in the Irkutsk Region.
The general producer of the project is Irina Sosnovaya.
      In the center of the plot is the story of a young Muscovite who goes to Belgrade, where she falls in love with a Serbian guy. Produced by: Valery Todorovsky and Dmitry Davidenko. The film company Marmot-film is engaged in production.
      The melodramatic series tells about the difficult life of an ecologist, forced to work as a simple ferrywoman.
The main role in the project is played by Glafira Tarkhanova (“Gromovs”, “Treason”), and also played by Alexander Ratnikov, Andrey Barilo, Alexander Pashutin, Vladimir Sterzhakov, Vadim Andreev, Raisa Ryazanova.
The director is Maxim Demchenko (Doctor Richter). Produced by Victor Budilov ("Sea Devils", "I Believe").
      The film consists of three short stories about three women's destinies, which are closely intertwined. The main characters are played by Julia Takshina, Evgenia Loza and Elena Dudina, and Vladimir Kolganov and Artem Karasev also participate in the project. The director is Denis Eleonsky ("12 months. A new fairy tale", "East-West").
The series will be released on the TV channel "Home".