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      In the story, father and daughter are hiding in the forests from a global catastrophe that affected large cities.
Script writer - Dmitry Sukhoterin.
The authors are now in search of role performers.
      According to the plot of the sitcom, events unfold in Gelendzhik, where for eleven years in a row a family from Severodvinsk has come to rest with their friends. As a result of many years of friendship, the son of a vacationing family is preparing to make an offer to a local girl, but her lover already has a boyfriend.
The roles are performed by Pavel Maykov, Tatyana Dogileva, Demis Karibidis, Catherine Assi, Kuzma Saprykin, Ararat Keshchyan and others.
Script writers and creative producers are Dmitry Nevzorov and Pavel Krivets.
Filming takes place in Moscow and Gelendzhik. It is expected that the series will be released this year.
      The project will reveal more deeply the stories of heroes already familiar to the viewer in the first film “Speakerphone”. According to the plot, they will gather for the New Year in a country house, and the festive evening will be full of surprises.
Leonid Barats, Rostislav Khait, Kamil Larin and Alexander Demidov, as well as Maria Mironova, Irina Gorbacheva and Anastasia Ukolova will return to their roles.
In the director's chair - still Alexey Nuzhny. The companies Mars Media, Amedia and the Strela film studio are engaged in production.
Producers: Ruben Dishdishyan, Larisa Blazhko, Rostislav Khait, Leonid Barats and Lev Blavatnik.
The comedy will be released in December this year.
     In the story, the military commissar loves and protects his daughter so much that his hyper-custody leads to the girl’s readiness to marry literally the first person she meets. Filming takes place in Vysotsk, Leningrad Region.
The roles in the film are performed by Dmitry Nagiev, Nonna Grishaeva, Galina Polsky, Vladimir Sychev, Julia Franz, Kuzma Saprykin, Ivan Zlobin and others.
The comedy will be released in October 2020.
      The main character is a believer who falls in love with a married man. The situation is complicated by the fact that the man belongs to the "culture" where divorce is not encouraged, but perhaps Marianna Luchinina will play a major role in the drama "Touch" having a mistress. The heroine has a difficult choice between faith and love.
The main male role will be played by David Ochkhikidze, and also Anna Geller, Maria Odegova and others play.
The film will be the debut of Maria Afanasyeva, who also owns the script.
The producer is Andrei Sigle, and the Proline Film studio is engaged in production with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
The premiere is scheduled for 2021.
      The six-part romantic comedy “Jetlag” will be an attempt to openly, uncompromisingly and humorously look at modern relations, the life of the creative class and the role of women in Russian society.
Producer - Artem Vasiliev. Filming should begin in the coming months.
       According to the plot, on New Year's Eve, the measured life of a Moscow family is disturbed by the appearance of a strange physicist-astronomer.
The film involves a number of famous actors: Liya Akhedzhakova, Anna Chipovskaya, Julia Aug, Anton Shagin, Alexei Kravchenko, Daniil Spivakovsky, Emanuel Vitorgan, Igor Vernik, Nina Usatova, Maxim Lagashkin, Ksenia Kutepova. The operator is Oleg Lukichev. Produced by Vlad Ryashin, Alexander Starikov.
The premiere of the film is expected this year.
      In the center of the plot is a love triangle with heroes in the person of a “right” wife, a husband-earner and a provincial girl-lover.
In addition to Maria, the main roles in the project will also be performed by: Yegor Beroev, Alexandra Vlasova, as well as Nina Usatova, Alexander Ratnikov, Valery Storozhik and others.
The director will be Alexander Baranov.
The series will be released next year on the TV channel "Russia 1".
      In the story, the hero will play an astronaut, who was alone in outer space. To survive, one and a half hours you need to get to the space station, following the advice of the dispatcher.
The producer of the film is Roman Borisevich. The tape will be the full-length debut of director Oleg Urazaykin. The operator of the picture is Fedor Lyass.
The film company Plan 9 is engaged in production.
      The plot is an actual picture of modern youth: love, friendship and family, the story of an adult guy who is forced to pose as a high school student.
The film will be attended by Lyubov Aksenova, Pavel Tabakov, Evgeny Kulik and Sergey Mezentsev.
The director and screenwriter of the project is Alexander Fomin.
The film company White Umbrella is engaged in the production of the picture.
      In the story, the main character Luba goes from a desperate addict to the champion of MMA.
The plot is based on real events that took place in Brazil.
The script was written by Oleg Kuznetsov.
      The main character of the picture is a popular rapper, who arrived in the Northern capital with a concert. Here, an attempt is made on him, after which the female guard begins to accompany the musician. She has not only to protect the rapper, but also to understand the intricate relationships around him. And of course, help get out of the mental crisis.
Also played by Alexander Cherkasov, Kirill Nagiev and Julia Franz.
The director is Dmitry Gubarev, produced by Mikhail Kurbatov, Anna Kurbatova and Dmitry Fix.
The film company Motor Film Studio is engaged in production with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
      The project is dedicated to a girl forced to live under a different name. Once she is mistaken for a certain adventurer who provoked an accident on the railway and stole a large sum of money. The heroine is forced to hide at once from the police and bandits.
Anastasia Shulga, Ekaterina Tyshkevich, Timofei Karataev and Alexander Sokolov also play in the series.
In the director's chair - Pavel Tupik (“Zoya”).
General producer - Maxim Krivitsky.
The premiere is expected next year.
      The plot is based on dramatic episodes from the life of the poet and enlightener Abay Kunanbaev.
The picture claims the help of the State Center for Support of National Cinema of Kazakhstan.
Filming will take place next year.
      According to the plot, it will be a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Yekaterinburg writer Alexei Salnikov. The main characters of the film are a usual at first glance family, which in fact leads a parallel secret life.
Leading roles are played by Chulpan Khamatova and Semyon Serzin (“Summer”). Also, one of the characters will play theatrical director Nikolai Kolyada.
The project's producers are Ilya Stewart, Murad Osmann, who previously made the films “Apprentice” and “Summer” with Serebrennikov. Operator Vladislav Opelyants is also responsible for the visual part.
 The picture should be released in 2020.
      Dramedy is dedicated to the story of four friends from a provincial town who decide to tie up with “work on the highway” and take a chance by opening their own business.
The project also involved Varvara Shmykova (“Dislike”), Irina Nosova (“Tonya cries on the bridge of lovers”) and Alena Mikhailova (“In a cage”), Vitaliy Kishchenko, Victoria Tolstoganova, Mikhail Troynik, Sergey Gilev (“Everything and at once” )
The director is Eduard Hovhannisyan (“Double Trouble”). Produced by Ruben Dishdishyan, Olga Kochetkova.
The release is expected in the first half of next year.
      In the story, a young crook and an experienced art thief kid decide to crank up the scam of the century - steal a painting by Mark Rothko, one of the most expensive paintings in the world.
Filip Yankovsky, Andrei Fedortsov, Dmitry Vlaskin, Igor Mirkurbanov, Nikolai Shreiber, Ksenia Sobchak play in the film.
The video service Megogo is engaged in production. The film was shot in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
The picture will be released in September 2020.
      The plot will be dedicated to the St. Petersburg superprincipal policeman, who is faced with a masked criminal - a plague doctor. He deals with people, thanks to money or high status who have left justice.
The main role passed to the actor of the Alexandria Theater Tikhon Zhizhevsky, and also Lyubov Aksenova, Alexei Maklakov, Dmitry Chebotarev, Mikhail Evlanov, Anton Bogdanov play in the project.
Produced by Artem Gabrelyanov, Mikhail Kitaev, Olga Filipchuk.
The company engaged in production is Bubble Studio. Filming is now taking place in St. Petersburg and will last until the end of November.
      The four-episode melodrama tells the story of the spouses who part after the death of their daughter, but after a while they come together again.
The main roles are played by Dmitry Palamarchuk and Maria Shumakova. Also in the series are Stepan Beketov and Polina Vorobyova.
The director of the film is Mikhail Kabanov (Night Swallows, Retribution).
      The plot of the 4-episode film focuses on the story of two orderlies of a morgue, a former felon and a former security officer. By coincidence, they begin to help the young investigator in their work.
The main roles were played by Yuri Stoyanov and Roman Madyanov, and Daniil Vakhrushev, Sergey Pogosyan, Julia Galkina, Oleg Almazov starred with them. The director of the project is Sergey Chekalov (Black Flag).
The shooting took place in Moscow and the Moscow region.