About us

“Kinodoctor” company was established in 2007 in order to improve and upgrade the process of movie production. Having worked not only for Russian movie industry, but also on various international movie sets, we designed and implemented a new series of special vehicles. “Kinodoctor” is a customer-oriented company. We offer a wide range of specialized vehicles suited for various purposes:

  • Comfortable makeup trailers;
  • Individual StarTrailers;
  • Makeup and wardrobe combo trailers;
  • Wardrobe trailers;
  • Common StarTrailers

We offer a brand new product, which allows not only to provide all the necessary conditions for a film crew, but also to cut down expenses considerably, if the right vehicle was chosen. We were using individual approach while designing our trailers. We took into consideration all the drawbacks of vehicles existing on the market and replaced them by revolutionary solutions:

  • 1.Modern design
  • 2.Professional furniture developed individually for each vehicle
  • 3.Professionally equipped workspace
  • 4.Professional lighting
  • 5.Water facilities providing the cast with cold and hot potable water
  • 6.Plasma panels displaying what happens on a movie set
  • 7.Special climate control system combining heating, ventilating and air-conditioning functions
  • 8.Pump station ensuring stable hot and cold water pressure in hairdresser sinks, washing machines and toilets
  • 9.Special design of low and manoeuvrable 11-meter vehicles
  • 10.GPS navigation ensuring constant vehicle control

The 7-th Specialized Exhibition of TV and cinema production «CPS / Cinema Production Service» Ceremony was held the annual award CPS Award «for achievements in film, on which the company is" Kinodoktor "won a special prize discovery of the year."

“Kinodoctor”’s property comprises not only state-of-the-art vehicles, but also a parking lot, head office, auto-repair center, and a car wash. We are located at the crossing of Zvenigorodskoe Roadway and the Third Ring Road, not far from a major film studio “Mosfilm”. We have a reliable personnel of drivers, mechanics, machine operators, which allows us to satisfy any client’s needs within the shortest possible time. We also provide every customer with a personal manager, which ensures constant control while on project. All this allows us to provide services of the highest quality.